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Pikachuit's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Tv Review

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Rated: 10

In a series about a tomboy and her bride, famous for its lesbian implications, where is the yaoi? Everywhere. From the very beginning there is Kiryuu Touga, Student Council President and school playboy, who works at seducing everyone from Utena herself, to his best friend and Vice President Saionji Kyoichi, to boy genius Kaoru Miki. Later in the series appear the boys of the Black Rose, and finally the charming and ultimately seductive Chairman of the Academy, Ohtori Akio.
No relationship is out of scope for Revolutionary Girl Utena. Sexual tensions run through nearly every relationship, from boyfriends and girlfriends to brothers and sisters, to the strange whorish behavior of Akio and Touga later in the series. Fanservice runs rampant in order to convey a mood.

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Pikachuit's Dragon Ball Tv Review

Dragon Ball

Rated: 8

This anime is great, really enjoyable, easy-going, funny, emotional, and not as bas as it might seem.
The Humor in Dragon Ball Z is quite sassy yet cute, now you might be thinking “what the hell is she talking about?� well, I find this kind of humor really elegant… they joke around about the character themselves, their prominet nature, and even their clothes, while actually in the bottom line – they are criticizing themselves and their surrondings.

yet again - it's only for those of you who look for a non-heavy & lots of action anime :)
and if YOU ARE considering of watching it- just take my advice and watch it in JAP... yes, it will take more time finding it (in case ur downloading it) - but it's worth it!..

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